OMG we are not funny parents!

At Pumpkin’s four-month doctor’s appointment, the doctor asked us if she is laughing yet.  Um, no.  She smiles a lot, squeals with delight, makes all sorts of chirping noises, seems to love people and is very good-natured, but we haven’t heard an actual laugh from her.  She can even roll from her back to her stomach and grab both of her feet at the same time, but no, she has not laughed for us.  We are convinced that since she is advanced in so many ways but doesn’t laugh, we’re just not funny parents.  So now my husband is on a mission to prove this isn’t true.  He has been tickling her, blowing zerberts on her stomach, reading stories in strange voices and laughing around her a lot (for encouragement, he tells me)…but still nothing.  I’ve been teasing him about it, but I have to admit I’ve been spending a little more time than usual doing (what I think are) funny skits with finger puppets, singing silly songs and reading her especially funny books.  Not even a chuckle – but – I can live with a very happy baby who draws the line at smiles and chirps for now.  At this point I think I’m more concerned that I’m going to come home one of these days to find that my husband has set up a circus in our yard.  🙂


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