Learning to care for all the Pumpkins out there…

Most of us have a lot to be thankful for.  Sure, we can all imagine our lives could be better in this way or that, and sure it would be nice if we had more money or a fancier house.  But – if you really think about it – if you have a roof over your head and family and friends to support you, things are pretty good.  One of the things my husband and I feel is so important for Pumpkin to learn is that part of her responsibility as a human being on this planet is to help those who are less fortunate.  And that doesn’t have to mean spending money.  Spending time is a wonderful way to care for people who are lonely or in need of help.  My husband and I have done volunteer work here and there throughout the years, but feel that we could both do a lot better.  Since we feel that it’s much more meaningful to teach by example, we have both decided to spend at least a few hours each month doing volunteer work.   We hope that if Pumpkin sees us getting involved, and then if she can participate when she is old enough, she will grow up thinking that it’s just a normal part of “what you do.” While it’s true that having a baby at home makes it easy to say we just don’t have time to think about anybody else – raising a child and being responsible for how she sees her place in this world has given us that extra push we needed to get us back out there, making a difference and setting a good example.

I am writing this not to give myself a pat on the back, because I know I have a loooong way to go before that’s going to happen – but rather with the hope that it may inspire some other parents out there to think about what they could do to teach their little ones not just to see what they can get from the world, as our culture often encourages, but rather to see how they can be part of making this world a better place for all pumpkins.


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