A musical nature-loving, flexible architecting sleuth?

Friends of ours said they knew right from the start (and we really are talking about a days-old baby) that their daughter was going to be a cook.  Other friends told us that by time their son was two months old they were sure he was going to be a lawyer.  Another couple said they were predicting a career as an opera singer for their three month old daughter (actually, I think everybody agreed with that one – that girl could carry a high note like you wouldn’t believe.)  Are our friends nutty?  Well, we used to think so.  But now we realize that we have indeed joined the ranks of we-can-predict-our-child’s-profession parents.  But really…. in our case it’s just so obvious… 🙂  When we walk Pumpkin in her stroller in a wooded area, she stares up at the trees the whole time.  We can see her eyes move from one to the other and she seems to smile at each one, as if addressing them individually.  We keep saying that she will likely be an environmentalist, or at the very least will have a real appreciation for nature.  But then when we see her smiling and moving her arms and legs to music, we are equally convinced that she will be a musician.  And now that her latest trick is grabbing both feet and flexing her legs in and out, it seems certain that gymnastics is in her future.  As for her constantly grabbing and flexing the arches over her activity mat – definitely the actions of a future architect.  And – we hear all the time from people how alert she is and that she seems to notice everything, so we’re thinking a future as a detective is a real possibility.

It is so amazing to watch her grow and learn, and I’m sure we’ll keep making predictions along the way.  Of course, all we really wish for her is happiness – the rest is just details – but it is fun to think about.  Who knows – maybe next week she’ll have us convinced that she’s going to be a dog- loving, museum curator who speaks three languages and likes to sail… or a fashion-forward writer who likes cooking and gardening… or a mountain climber who loves her hobbies as a singer and a juggler…or…..


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