Pumpkin and Veggies

We’ve passed the six month mark so we’re onto solid foods for the little munchkin!  So far we’ve gone orange and tried carrots, sweet potatoes and squash.  The first two selections didn’t go too well (those meals were the first time we’ve seen her make a “what the $#@*!  is this?!” face) but she seemed somewhat interested in the squash.  After a few days of squash we’ll move onto something green and see how that color goes.  I have green beans and peas in the queue.  I’m starting to hint to my husband that I need a food processor for Christmas, since I hear all the time how easy it is to make the baby food.  I’ve never been much of a cook, but I think I should be able to handle meals that have only one ingredient.  Learning about a baby’s nutritional needs and watching this little pumpkin eat, grow and thrive is making me so much more aware of the importance of good, healthy food.  I’m a long way from going completely organic and don’t plan to start making all of my food from scratch anytime soon, but when I shop now I find myself thinking if I wouldn’t give it to my child, why am I buying it for myself?  Usually that does the trick, and I’ve actually lost a few pounds over the past few weeks… although somehow a bag of Oreos made its way home in one of my grocery bags today so I guess I’m still easing into a healthy food routine.  🙂