I can’t wait to hear Pumpkin say “mommy!” (or “mama” or, heck, even “mmm” would have me running for the video camera!)  She is a great babbler and makes lots of ba-ba sounds which seems to be a step in the right direction toward ma-ma (and, okay, also toward da-da).   So… I try to encourage this by using lot of words that start with “b.”  Just the other day we were waiting in line at the (very quiet) library and I realized how ridiculous I must sound to people who don’t have kids – “honey, you’re a b-b-beautiful b-b-baby and when we get home I’ll give you a b-b-banana in a b-b-bowl and then we can read the b-b-book about the b-b-butterflies….”  Well, it just seems to me that she must be so frustrated not being able to talk!  She seems to be bursting with personality – she gets so enthusiastic about things and makes these wonderful excited sounds – but I can only imagine it must be frustrating for her to not be able to say what she thinks.  I wonder if she thinks she’s talking to us.  We do respond back with similar sounds so it is interactive (much to daddy’s dismay when Pumpkin starts with high squeaky sounds and I respond in kind and it goes back and forth getting higher and higher).  We have lots of exchanges like that and sometimes afterwards I wonder what she thinks we just talked about.  Maybe in a few years she’ll say “mommy, remember the time you promised me I could have a pony…?”   🙂


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