Magical Pumpkin

It gets better every day!  Pumpkin is nine months now and she is changing so fast.  Gone are the baby-in-a-bucket days when she stays put in mommy or daddy’s locale of choice.  Now she can crawl across a room in no time at all.  She pulls herself up to standing position at every opportunity.  She can stand on her own for a few seconds, and we’re sure she’ll be taking her first steps very soon since she always seems to have places to go and people to meet.

This really magical time started when she was around eight months old.  She became very interactive and so much fun.  She started waving hello to people (and things!), and clapping when she was happy or proud.  It used to be that I loved spending time with her simply because I loved her but now there is the awesome bonus that she is has a great sense of humor.  She laughs when we play tug-of-war with her socks (which are never on her feet despite my best efforts), she thinks it’s so funny when we put different toys in the mailbox of her play house, and she crawls on me and plant big juicy kisses on my face while she laughs.  She thinks sunglasses and hats are hilarious and she gives a big belly laugh when she sees us putting them on and taking them off again.  I think it makes her whole day to pull a baseball hat off mommy or daddy’s head.  She’s sneaky, too.  She knows we don’t want her to touch the air vent on the floor in her playroom, so she’ll start crawling away from it to throw us off, and then when she thinks the coast is clear she’ll suddenly turn and race toward the vent.  (Yeah, I know you’re thinking sure, it’s funny now, but not so funny when she’s a teenager sneaking off with the car!)

It’s hard to believe it can get much better than this, but every day it seems that she does something new and finds a way to amaze us even more.  I always knew of course that I would love my child, but I didn’t realize how much fun I would have with her along the way.


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