Pumpkin’s New World

It is so fun to watch Pumpkin’s fascination with the littlest things that we don’t even think about any more.  Just today she put her hand into her bowl of cottage cheese and when she took it out, she kept looking at the little pieces that were stuck to her fingers.  What was she thinking?  Was she curious why they were stuck to her hand?  Was she wondering why mommy was feeding her little white blobs?  She likes to hold her bottle when there’s just a little left in it and swirl it around.  Is she wondering why she can’t reach in and grab it?  And why it only comes out of the squishy top?  I think she’s even starting to understand when she sees her shadow that she’s the one making it move.  I love watching her eyes move back and forth from her waving hand to the shadow of her waving hand, and realizing how her mind is putting the pieces together to try to make sense of it.

Now I really understand what people mean when they talk about seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  It has made me realize somewhat sadly that this joy of discovery seems to happen less and less often as we get older, but on a happy note, that’s okay because I’m having a wonderful time doing it again through Pumpkin.


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