Crayons are for what?

Painting and drawing were among my favorite hobbies, BP (before Pumpkin), and since I haven’t had time to do anything related in so long, I’ve been very excited about introducing Pumpkin to crayons.  Truth be told, I’ve set her up with paper and crayons a few times in recent months but after a few marks on the paper, the crayons went right into her mouth.  Okay, so it’s been a while and I had a great feeling that this weekend was going to be different.  I knew she wasn’t going to sit down and start sketching landscapes, but I thought we might get past the crayons-taste-good stage and onto at least a few colors on a piece of paper.   It started out well enough – she seemed excited about the large pad of paper… and then it went something like this:  rip… oh how fun.. this paper makes a loud sound when I tear it, and it’s fun to look at mommy’s face while I’m tearing it into pieces.. haha!  Rip, rip…I wonder if this paper tastes as good as the crayons.. yum.. even better..

So I figured maybe taking the crayons out would get things back on track.  I’m pretty sure this is what went through Pumpkin’s head at that point:  oooh, that crayon box looks like fun.  I wonder if I can cram them in sideways and get them back out again.  Smush, smush.  Yup, they’re in.   Now they seem stuck.  I should probably rip the box to get them out.  Rip, rip.. wow… this is fun like the paper!  I don’t even care about getting the crayons out any more.  I just want to rip up the box!  Look at mommy’s face – this is awesome!

It’s okay.  She’s exploring.  She’s learning, even if it’s only that paper does make noise when it rips.  We’ll try it again, and I’m sure I’ll keep an open mind.  As long as we have a plastic bin for the crayons and laminated paper. 🙂


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