A Pumpkin’s Love

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.08.01 PMDaddy and I have discussed from time to time that Pumpkin does not seem to be overly affectionate.  It’s not an “issue,” per se, it’s just that it would sort of be nice to get a willing hug or “I love you” at least on a sort of regular basis.  It’s not that she doesn’t ever return a hug or kiss, but it does seem to us that more often than not she tries to resist it.  I figure it must be related to the toddler-wants-to-be-in-control instincts that can make the “terrible two’s” such a challenging time for all.  When Pumpkin does return affection, it usually seems to be on her own terms, which I guess is really better anyway (or so I have been telling myself).  But – when she does – OMG – it’s so awesome.  On my birthday last fall I was tucking her in and she said, “happy birthday, mommy.  I love you, mommy.”  It was the highlight of my day.  A few weeks ago, out of the blue, she put her hands over her chest and said to me, “I love you in my heart.”  It was so sweet and so precious, her next question was, “why are you crying mommy?”  I love you so much, Pumpkin.  And if you’re reading this some day, I hope that when you’re beyond these early years, you will always know that your hugs and “I love you’s” will always be the most special thing to me – whether you decide to give them on special occasions or every day.  XO


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